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The card combination of Royal Flush or Royal Flush is known even to those people who do not know anything about poker. In many feature films, popular video clips, we can see the undisguised joy of the players who received the Royal Flush during the game and use VPN for gambling.

And this joy is quite understandable, since it is not just a strong combination of cards, but the most powerful one. Some ordinary people believe that the cherished set of cards is a combination of one suit, but this is not at all the case.

Let’s take a closer look at the Royal Street Flush, aka Royal Flush, find out what it consists of, how it is assembled and how the professionals play these cards.

Flash Royal poker hand

Let’s start with the main one – the Royal Flush is a full-fledged five-card combination, at the same time it is the older version of the Straight Flush and, as the name implies, the cards in the set must go strictly in order and be of the same suit.

From this we conclude – the senior version of the Straight Flush is a set of cards from Ten to Ace (of the same suit) – 10, J, Q, K, A – Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. The suit of the cards from which this combination is assembled does not have any effect on its strength.

Controversial situations in which the Royal Flush can go to two players at the same time are very rare and can arise in seven-card or five-card poker. And then both win, dividing the game bank equally among themselves.

As we understand it, it is the rarity and too low probability of such a coincidence – both in order and in the suit and in the strength of the cards, this combination is considered the strongest in poker. Once again, we note that the Royal Flush of any of the four card suits has the same strength.

The likelihood of making a Royal Flush in poker

In this section, there will be no data we are used to about the possible chances of making a Royal Street Flush, we will just say that the player gets it in a ratio of 1 to 649 739. So “like in the movies” in this case will definitely not work – too often someone some of the heroes come with cherished cards.

In Texas Hold’em, the odds of collecting Flash Royal are as follows: two out of five cards in the starting hand will be strengthened to a full combination on the flop street – 0.0008 percent; if on the flop you have four out of five Royal Flush cards, you have two percent on the turn and four percent on the river; four out of five cards needed on the turn street leave you two percent chance to improve on the river.

As for Omaha Poker, this is a little different: with a starting hand with two needed cards, you will have 0.001 percent to make a King’s Straight Flush on the flop; if the player got four out of five cards – the chances on the flop increase to 0.002 percent; if the player collected four cherished cards on the flop, then the probability of getting a full King’s hand on the turn or river will be two and four and a half percent, respectively; the turn with four cards – gives 2 percent for the strengthening on the last street of the river.

How the Royal Flush is played

Many novice players think that the very presence of Flash Royal is enough for a bright victory, but professionals know that even a 100% guarantee of victory with a Royal hand must be accompanied by a well-thought-out play and this depends on several attendant factors – the manner or style of your opponent’s play and how it is your Royal Flush that is assembled.

Agree, if four cards from a combination are on the board in the form of community cards, then the opponents will certainly admit the likelihood that the missing fifth card is with someone at the table, and therefore the behavior of the players will change. And this must be taken into account and thought over.

An aggressive style of play can be a sign of your confidence in your victory, and this will force someone to fold, and someone may decide that you are bluffing, and if you really are bluffing, the real owner of the coveted out can lure you into your trap. So caution and balanced decisions are needed in this situation as well.

In some poker rooms, the players who collect the Royal Flush receive not only the bank of the game and victory over the opponents, they are often awarded a bonus reward for this combination and the sizes of such rewards are quite large.

Summing up the results, let us remind once again that Flash Royal or Royal hand is the strongest and rarest combination in poker. The suit of the cards from which it is collected does not affect its value in any way. Royal Flush is a great way to get the most value if you play it right. But it should be borne in mind that even professionals who regularly play poker and take part in major tournaments may never hold these cherished five cards of the same suit in their hands for several years, going strictly in order from Ace to Ten.